[Review] Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

Hellooow everyone.. Long time no see hehe..

I came back after a long long time ago /gg

This time, I wanna try to write something about Etude House product.

I choose Bubble Hair Coloring #2 Dark Brown.

Etude House #2 Dark Brown

Sorry for not capturing the contents, I forgot >..>>


After colored >>>

catsBut if your hair is exposed to light, the color will be much brighter than this ^_^

So far I like it, the shade came out good. But I didn’t expect this color is still as bright like this #urghh

Maybe I will try with another color next time. So that’s it, the final of my review today. See you in the next blog, bye-bye.

♥ You smile, I smile ♥ Let’s share the HAPPINESS ♪


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