♥ Hello ♥

First of all, let me introduce myself and how do I start blogging

It’s me, Yeni Chen who was born and living in Bandung, Indonesia with tomboyish character. Starting in 2012, I started like makeup. Since then, I started to learn makeup little by a little..

Try learning on youtube, I look for beauty guru youtuber till I met Michelle Phan. I like her tutorial, so simple and easy to apply. When the Korean fever was so hype, I started looking a beauty guru with basically Korean makeup. I met a lot Korean beauty youtuber such as Bubzbeauty. Now, I admire Pony, Meejmuse, Jen and Jungsaemmool (they all are beauty guru with basically Korean makeup)

Here are some fact about me:

♣ My skin is combination type (normal to oily)

♣ My hair is natural straight & thin hair

♣ My skin tone is medium – fair

♣ Love comics so much

♣ Foodie lover

♣ A gamer xD

Lastly, I hope you enjoy reading my blog, thank you ♥


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